Enjoy camping in the countryside.  Memory Lane Campground and RV Park provides large sites with full services in a safe, gated location close to Edmonton.  On-site caretaker.  Wheelchair accessible.

Memory Lane is an eco-friendly location: 
• built with local materials by local tradespeople
• features low-profile campground roads 
• offers a natural woodland walking trail and
• has a recycling program in place.

Campground rules are designed to make everyone's stay pleasant.
• Check-in time is up to 8 PM. Later check-ins will be at the campground manager's discretion.

  • Check-out time is 11 AM..
  • Campsites are to be kept in a clean and sanitary condition
    • Pets are welcome, subject to the following conditions: 
    o There is a $5 charge per pet 
     o Pets must be on a leash at all times (no exceptions)
     o Pets must not be left unattended.
     o You must clean up after your pet and deposit waste in the trash.
     o Pets must be kept quiet.
     o No pets allowed in the playground area.

• Children are to be supervised by their parents at all times.
• Quiet hours are 10 PM-8AM.
• Speed limit is 15 km per hour.
• Vehicles must be parked in your site or designated areas.
• Campfires are allowed in pits only
• Cutting trees, picking flowers or collecting any material from the surrounding woods and fields is prohibited.  Wood is for sale at the office.
• All garbage is to be deposited in the garbage bin by the office.  .
• Guests must register and pay designated fees before entering the campground.
• Anyone caught destroying campground property will beheld liable.
• Swimming in the pond is not permitted. 
• Tarps and clotheslines are not to be tied to trees.
• A maximum of two adults are permitted per site. Extra guests will be at the campground manager's discretion and will be   subject to an additional charge of $5 per guest per day.
• Quads, motorbikes and ATVs are not allowed in the campground.
• Walking trails are for use at your own risk. Please stay on the trails.
• Excessive use of alcohol is prohibited.

  • Fireworks are prohibited, to prevent fires and ensure everyone can sleep.


We appreciate you helping to keep Memory Lane Campground and RV Park comfortable for everyone.

We reserve the right to refuse service.